To care for your camp of 50 acres with many facilities, we seem to always have ways for you to participate in the care and ongoing improvements of camp. Please consider joining the many that have built and cared for the camp over the years.

Improving the overnight accommodations General maitenance and tools Playground Equipment Campground Improvements Other ways you can participate with us at Valley Camp:

We could use the help of graphic designers, photographers, and folks good with words to help us with publicity. We need folks with business, legal, marketing and environmental knowledge. We need folks to participate in planning committees, barn restoration planning and to help us recruit volunteers. Talk to us about your skills and interests and we’ll help find you a way to participate that’s right for you!

We are looking for historical pictures of the property during the early years of Valley Camp and before. Please ask those that you know that came to camp in the 1950's through the 1970's if they would share their pictures, so we can provide a glimpse back in time.