Provide a place set apart for all people
to grow in harmony and faith through God's word, sacraments and recreation;
leaving renewed in Christ.
(Adopted March 2002)

What we try to do at Valley Camp:

Strengthen families through experiences outdoors by:

Providing a place set apart where the Word can be studied, experienced, lived, wrestled with and joyfully praised.
A place for the people of God to come together for a time of fellowship.
A place for families to spend time together away from the daily distractions of life.
A place for worship, worship among and amidst God's creation.
A place to become refreshed and renewed to return to the world and serve.

During times the camp is not being used by Lutheran sponsored groups, we will take reservations from other non-profit religious, educational, cultural, and public-service groups who have interests that are compatible with our mission and Christian principles.

Valley Camp, a registered 501(c)3 Washington State Corporation, owned and operated by the Valley Camp Ministries board of directors, is a self supporting non profit organization funded 100% by your donations.